Custom Work

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Custom orders are the bulk of my business.  In-person consultations are preferred as there are many aspects to consider.  We need to discuss the basic design concept, size, colour, type of glass, and type of construction.  Once all of these things are decided, I will do a small scale colour sketch that you will approve.  At that point, price will be discussed and a deposit of half the cost will be required before work is started.

Depending on the project, I may need to come to your home to see where the installation is going.  For example, if it is a window, I will want to measure the spot and may have to do a template – in older homes especially, windows aren’t always perfectly square.

Below are just a few of the custom creations I have helped bring to life:

To arrange for your custom stained glass piece, please contact Kathy Bell by phone at 1-204-956-2008 or email at [email protected]